About Us

  • The need for new brand of leaders

At a time when leadership is in question, the responsibility of raising credible leaders among the new generation becomes imperative. The young people deserve the right to demand responsible leadership. The desire for such responsible leadership by Nigerian and Africa’s young people needs urgent attention if we must build the bridge between under-development and growth for a sustainable future on our continent.

  • Who we are

EleniyanCares Foundation (EF) is a response to quest by young people in Nigeria to have space for ventilating their energy, gift and ability to excel competitively with their counterparts elsewhere around the world. Young people in Africa are dynamic, and if given the opportunities, supports and enabling atmosphere, they can be part of national growth and development.

  • Our vision

The ELF Foundation foresees a pool of credible, ethical, responsible and accountable leaders who can promote economic and socio-political status of Nigeria and Africa.

  • Our mission

Our mission is to discover young people who have leadership potentials, provide them with needed supports and encouragement through training programmes, education scholarships, exchange and mentorship opportunities, then immerse them into a networking system that gives the power to influence their communities and the nation.

  • Objectives
  • To develop leadership programmes that motivates young people to aspire for greater future and responsibilities
  • To partner with reputable institutions for providing knowledge and skills that can help young people excel in their respective careers
  • To create mentoring programmes for young people to enable them access the required inspirations that can help them prosper
  • To give them continental and global exposures early enough as means for preparing them to take responsibilities at all levels
  • To promote leadership ideologies of the founder in relation to integrity, service and patriotism to national cause.

…supporting young people to reach their dreams