Our Work

  • Citizenship Orientation Programme (Awareness)

The annual foundation programmes commence with citizenship training programme for all intakes. While there have been so much emphasis on leadership deficiencies, we consider the place of citizenship training as important. A good citizen will definitely make a good leader. The foundation programme starts with a training programme to put intakes on the right track to achieving right orientation for becoming a patriotic, loyal and ideal citizen of Nigeria.

  • Entrepreneurship Training Programmes (Socio-Economic Dev.)

This entrepreneurship programme provides quarterly training programmes in selected skills. Such skill as business ideas, start-up skills, how to make money, raising start-up capitals, writing business plan, growing small businesses, business networking, presentation skills, how to sell ideas and many more shall be taught by seasoned experts and motivators to inspire young people willing to start and grow their own businesses and initiatives. This programme helps young people to kick start their ideas and grow small initiatives into a conglomerate in the future.

  • Legislative Training and Observation (Political Orientation)

This programme provides training for young people aspiring to go into politics and occupy leadership positions, with emphasis on those intending to become Lawmakers. It provides the required skills for leading and representation.

  • Eleniyancares Annual Lecture and Debate (Motivation & Networking)

This is a joint programme for all youth enrolled in the foundation for the year. It provides inspirations and motivations for them as they interface with models and successful entrepreneurs and political leaders. It also provides space for young people to engage in lively debates and dialogues on topical issues bothering on leadership, success, national growth, patriotism and citizenship. This programme also brings together fellows and alumni of the foundation in a dinner where network takes place.

  • Annual Scholarship Programme (Capacity Building)

This is education and leadership training opportunities abroad for all youth enrolled in the foundation for the year. The London School of Economics and Political Science and Leadership Institute Virginia are potential institutional partners in this programme.

  • Volunteering (Capacity Building)

While providing capacity building and supports for the youth, we intend to inculcate in them the act of selfless giving by volunteering for a cause not directly connected with the foundation work. EF beneficiaries can be posted to work with an institution or join in developing a cause without pay. This programme is collective for all youth enrolled in the foundation for the year.

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